In your dreams you find your purpose, in your purpose you find your relevance and in your relevance you find fulfilment. Your dreams are an extension of your heart. They hold what you hold dearly. They represent your heart beat and therefore, who you are. Your dream is your life which is why you should dare to live them. Not living your dreams is equal to not being alive whiles being alive.

No matter how crazy people may think your dreams are, no matter how discouraging the journey may seem, no matter how afraid you are and no matter how limited your resources are, don’t let go of your dreams. The most important part of living your dream is the starting. Take a step, dare yourself and begin to see your dream come to life.

One thing I believe strongly is that every good dream is given to you by your God. And although you may not have figured everything out, your God always figures everything out. He is the master planner. He knows what to do at every time. He knows what you’ll need at every time. So, when you start, He will surely be there to guide, lead and provide all you need along the way. But you first have to take a step and then listen to Him.It won’t be so easy at the beginning, but that’s how He shows the way.

So, my friend, what dream do you still hold in your heart and what are you doing about it? What’s that dream you keep postponing it’s start? What is that dream that the time is always not right? It’s tone to dare. It’s time to give life to your dreams. Don’t sit on it. Get up and start doing something about it. Your dream is important to the world and it is important to you as well. Live it and help us live ours too.

Wishing you a great week.

From your friend,
Bismark Tay
+233 204 987592

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