There are days in life when you feel alone, lost and rejected. Nobody is there for you even though you’re always there for others. Friends, colleagues and even family. In critical moments of your life when you need help the most is when help is so far away the most. Sometimes, all we need is a listening ear but no one is ready to even offer that.

The best some people could offer is to further discourage you and make you feel worthless and useless. They see your today and judge it as your tomorrow. Some may laugh at you, be mean to you, write you off or even ask you out of their lives. My dear friend, they are not God. I personally believe that who I am and what I become is not tied to anybody’s opinion of me. My destiny is in the hands of my God and ‘I myself’.

I believe that’s the case for you too. What people say or think of you today cannot be what you’re destined to be. Today may be hard, rough or challenging but it’s a process. The bad days will come and go but your God who allows these challenging moments to come your way so as to prepare you for a higher calling tomorrow, lives forever. I believe it so strongly that in every life experience, we become better. ‘What doesn’t kill us only makes us better’.

So, my friend, don’t allow people’s opinion of you deny you from living God’s opinion of you. If they want to pull you down, bounce. If they want to break you, keep strong. If they want to block your vision of a brighter life tomorrow, look the other way. And when they look down upon you today, refuse to look down on yourself. Look up to your God and keep your head up. Soon, they will start looking up to you.

Again, I say this, God can take anything and turn it into something. He doesn’t operate on people’s opinion. He has your back. He will lift you out of the muddy waters and set you so high above the mountains that, generations will look up to you and say, indeed, God is great. Keep being you, keep fighting, keep moving and keep connected to your God. At His own appointed time, He will make your life so bright and beautiful. Smile at today’s storm because it is temporal.

You are still a river of greatness and no matter how hard people may want you to think or feel otherwise, you too will live your greatness in this life. I wish you a great and productive week.

From your friend,
Bismark Tay
+233 204 987592

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