In the life of every successful person we see today is a life of many mountains crossed yesterday. There were failures, disappointments, frustrations, neglect and so on. Hardly do you see a successful person who just woke up and found him or herself successful. Behind every success is a history and within the history is a story of both good times and hard times. The diversity in the story makes the history reach.

There were times in my life when I got very frustrated because nothing seems to be working. I tried this and tried that but nothing was going the way I wanted. I failed, I got disappointed by people and I asked God many questions. Moving forward was hard, staying idle was frustrating and going back was impossible. What kept me going was a stubborn resolve that I’ll better die trying than to give up.

Through it all, I’ve learnt that everything we go through in life prepares us for tomorrow. The hard times toughens and teaches us. They also help us to appreciate and value what we’ll have tomorrow and to really see the place of God in our lives.

My dear friend, I do not know what stage you are at this moment. The times may be hard or they may be good but whatever life is throwing at you right now, keep your head up! Stay positive and hopeful. The story in your history is being written. If I, Bismark Tay can tell you this, then believe me when I say, your story will change for the better.

Whether you’re climbing a mountain or descending a valley, let your river of greatness keep flowing.

From your friend,
Bismark Tay
+233 204 987592

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